SHOE SHAKE DOWN – Its Impact on Your Sneaker Game.

By Ron Williams July 30, 2020

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First, what exactly is a “Shoe Shake Down”.  Shoe shake down isn’t a Steph Curry shimmy from draining a mid-court 3-pointer, or what a defender’s feet are doing in their shoes before being crossed over by James Harden because they “fear the beard”.  It’s a term used to correct high levels of inventory and pricing inaccuracies within a company’s shoe department.  To begin, a team (larger the problem, bigger the team) will “shake” every shoebox, hence “Shoe Shake Down”.  I’ve been part of multiple teams during my “shoe career”, and some of the main objectives for these teams are to ensure (at minimum) the following:

  • Correct brand, model, and color of shoe matches the outside of the box
  • 2 shoes in the box (1 right & 1 left)
  • Size of the shoes in the box matches the size printed on the outside.

Stores require “shake downs” for a variety of reasons, theft being only one.  DucieClub has performed decades of research to identify and prevent inaccuracies using our proprietary data.  This is partly why we see and find hidden deals that millions of people walk by each day.

Now it’s time to hear from you.  Have you been part of or know of a shoe “Shake Down”?  Have you been shoe shopping and had an experience that didn’t measure up to your expectations due to incorrect inventory, pricing, or something else? If so please leave your comment below the sweepstakes entry form.



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  1. Katheryn Haverland says:

    Love this company. Been building their data for years. Good people Good Company

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