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Vision: We provide transparency to make the global supply chain proactive by keeping brand new excess and obsolete products out of landfills.

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We provide education and professional experience with all levels in the Supply Chain.

Data Aggregation

We have first hand knowledge that's compiled from 10+ years, 17 countries, 750K+ miles driven, and 10K+ store visits across all sizes and scales.


We connect members and help people to create buying communities that improve every single person's quality of life.


We empower our community to prevent $Trillions in brand new product from reaching landfills every year.

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We are everyday people who ride the highs and lows, dips and twists of life’s roller-coaster.
 We are excited for whatever comes next!

Ron Williams

The "Dadda" Brain

Co-Founder & CEO

Jetje Williams

The " Mother" Ship

Co-Founder & Director


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