Monday Milestones #4 – 4 The Family & Home

By Ron Williams July 26, 2021

Every journey has some setbacks.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the finals for CodeLaunch Atlanta.  Our Director of Business Development, Curtis Brown Jr., will be in attendance at the Atlanta CodeLaunch.  Do seek him out if you want to inquire more about DucieClub LLC, and/or meet a really dynamic Entrepreneur Evangelist and community activist who lives in the Atlanta area.

Just as it took the real Lebron James in his 4th season to make it to his 1st finals that also ran through TX.  We’re hoping this will hold true for the “Lebron James of the Supply Chain” (Lebron James Supply Chain – Back Story) and his team as well.  We will be entering our 4th CodeLaunch event: CodeLaunch DFW, and the finals will be held November 17, 2021 at the Comerica Center. in Frisco, TX.

Hopefully our fate isn’t the same as the real Lebron James, that has been unsuccessful taking home the top prize when he’s up against the TX teams in the finals.  Our families in Dallas and San Antonio have repeatedly reminded us of that.  What better way to celebrate our journey, coming home and winning the CodeLaunch Championship Belt in front of our friends, family, and business partners.  That have witnessed all or some of our journey from the hospital delivery room to that moment on stage with the confetti raining down on us.

1st thing 1st is to advance to the 1/4 finals, which will be announced live, September 17, 2021 on the CodeLaunch Accelerator LinkedIn  page.  Be sure to follow CodeLaunch and @Ducieclub on social media to keep up with the journey.

Check back on August 30, 2021 to read Monday Milestone #5 – “June 5, 1997 Italy Connection – Meeting of the Founders”

Thanks again for reading our blog.